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Our 100% Guarantee

The products we recommend are carefully selected and have undergone extensive performance analysis prior to introduction. DIETZGEN warrants its products are free from defects in material and workmanship, meet or exceed Original Equipment Manufacturersatisfaction guarantee performance, and will offer full replacement or credit for products that we supply which are defective and returned by the customer. DIETZGEN also warrants that its products will not cause excessive or abnormal wear to the print mechanism. However, under the following conditions, DIETZGEN will bear the cost of service and repairs of machines which are damaged, excluding normal were and tear, by use of our products.
1. Signed documentation from a service representative stating abnormal wear can be established as a direct result of exclusive and continuous use of DIETZGEN products.
2. Reasonable precautions have been taken in the handling, storage, and use of DIETZGEN products.
3. Report of such damage is reasonable and prompt.


  • Have you heard these statements before?

"I will have to void the warranty on your equipment because you're not using the equipment manufacturer's brand of supplies," or "I will have to charge you for the service call because you're not using the equipment manufacturer's brand of supplies." Tell them it is not legal!

Tell your rep.

Tell your rep it can be illegal to force the owner of equipment to use only the equipment manufacturer's brand of supplies. To make this requirement can be a violation of the Sherman and Clay Anti-trust Acts.

Don't be Intimidated!

Don't be intimidated by sales and service reps. Let them know that an equipment manufacturer cannot legally require, either in writing or orally, that an equipment owner or lessee, like you, exclusively purchase supplies, or any other products, from them. In order to make this kind of requirement legal, they must conclusively demonstrate and prove that other brands are incompatible with their equipment.

Show them this statement.

Show this statement to anyone who insists on voiding a warranty or charging you for a service call because they found that you were not using the equipment manufacturer's brand of product. Protect your right of choice.

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